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Guitarra Parra
Guitarra Parra means "guitar grapevine" in Spanish. The project was inspired by the culture, cuisine, sights and sounds of Spain from my adventures in Valencia in 2013.

Guitarra Parra music combines flamenco, world, new age, jazz and classical music. Listen to it any time you need a peaceful and reflective mood.

I wrote, performed and recorded every song on my own. I also limited the instruments to two acoustic guitars, hand claps, cymbal, shaker, tamborine, hand-drum and a synthesizer.

Guitarra Parra: Spanish Inspired Guitar Instrumentals, Vol. 1

Guitarra Parra: Spanish Inspired Guitar Instrumentals, Vol. 2

Guitarra Parra video with images of the Mediterrean.

Inspiration for songwriters comes in different ways. With no lyrics, an instrumental song leaves more imagination for the listener. Calm waves are perfect for the song Esperanza which means "hope" in Spanish.

This simple video shows the beautiful coast of Xabia, Spain where me and my family went snorkeling one day.

Guitarra Parra video with images of a bull.

This video uses the song Ataque, which means "attack" in Spanish. It seemed appropriate to use with images of a torro (bull) in the streets of Puzol, Spain.

Many villages in Spain have events using bulls running wild in the streets. Barricades keep the bull from escaping. My heart was pumping when I captured these images of a bull being provoked and retaliating.

Listen to free samples of Guitarra Parra.