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Appetite is a solo project of Chris Bihuniak playing new-wave-synth-pop.

chris bihuniak

"Wait for Me" is a digital-only single released on January 4, 2019. The track was originally recorded in 2016 while living in Valencia, Spain, as a part of an 8-song project of emotional music expression. The decision to release new Appetite music came after receiving radio play from Artefaktor Radio and Synth City in late 2018.

Appetite represents Chris's natural instincts as a musician for over of 4 decades. The sound is inspired by Tears for Fears, Thomas Dolby, Ultravox, Prefab Sprout and Gene Loves Jezebel.

Chris was born in Panama and lived in Brazil, Austria, USA and Spain. He played in various bands in high school and college. In 1990, he began recording songs under the name "Appetite" using total creative control and performing all the parts.

Appetite's first recordings were done with a Roland synthesizer and 4-track cassette recorder.

Hear them on Chris's recording history.

Between 1990-1995, Appetite transformed from a solo multi-media live performance into a six-piece band playing shows in Kansas City. In 1997, Chris produced an 8-song CD with guest musicians. The songs were registered with the United States Copyright Office.

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Rock Band Academy "Wait for Me" was recorded, mixed and mastered at Rock Band Academy studios in Valencia, Spain and Prairie Village, Kansas between 2016-2018.

Comparisons from friends...

"I like it! I have a soft spot for 80s new wave pop, puts me in the mind of Depeche Mode, New Order, etc" - Allan

"It reminds me of Radiohead or David Bowie or the soundtrack of Stranger Things." - Grace

"Separate Ways by Journey from the opening synth. Less techno Depeche Mode from the first verse." -

"Sounds like an Our Daughters Wedding." - Greg

"Sweet. Reminds me of If You Leave by OMD." -

"I love that track. Bit of Fontana enfluence?" - Brooks

"Sounds really good Chris! I can't really think of anything specific that it sounds like but I like it a lot!" - Billy

"Reminds me of everything I love about the 80s... Psychedelic Furs." - Ashley

"Unique tune! I hear a lot new wave influence. I hear some of the electronic push of the early 80s." - Chris

"Nice! It reminds me of Devo or something like that." - Rachelle

Reviews from blogs...

"Very lively track but we're not keen on the synths used. It's a little sci-fi for us." - Born Music Online

"The track is cool but indeed, a bit too retro-inspired for HighClouds I feel." - HighClouds

"While well produced, not sure the super tinny high keyboards suit and needs more work on the song writing. " - Ola's Kool Kitchen

"Liked the synths, but the vocals and the melody sounded average in my opinion." - Last Day Deaf

"I like the 80s New wave/synth pop influence that the song has but also I would prefer a mix with more current influence and vocals less raw." - Indie Music Nation

"Thank you for the track. We don't really feel a match with the vocals." - InspotMusic

"The tune could be darker and more haunting, and the vocals, too, need more texture. More lyrical depth is also required." - The Revue

"Spacey synth atmosphere has too little structural variation for my taste. " - ObscureSound

"Cool vibe, but wanted a better mix and master on this one. Send next one." - Slay Sonics