"Play these math songs to help your students master the multiplicaiton tables from 0-12. Your room will rock."

"Electric guitar-wielding hard rockers create "Guess the Answer" songs that impart knowledge through musical rambunctiousness."

"Continents" was listed in the 12/05/06 KidsPost section as one of 12 "kid-friendly hits" to download.

"Finally, great educational kidsŐ music for the upper-elementary crew!"

"School of Rockbots: Teaching kids about history and science using rock and roll."

"Like a postmodern Schoolhouse Rock, this band teaches grade-school subjects via edgy music. This outing, on geography and social studies, may be its best yet."

Learning Magazine 2007 Teachers' Choice Award for the Family

"... a fun and effective way for elementary school kids to learn."

About WORLD... "This newest release is filled with facts about our planet (maps, continents, oceans, ecology) set to a cool modern rock beat."

"Kids will be singing a different tune about math with the MULTIPLICATION CD, which features 13 rock songs about the multiplication facts from 0 to 12. Life skills are integrated into the lyrics too."

"The fun tunes, backed by electric guitar and synthesizers, will appeal to children and hold their attention while they learn..."

"My wait has ended for a combination of rock and educational substance that will grab young ears. It's a CD that begs to be played loud."

A 2005 Parents' Choice Approved Award Winner
A 2005 Parents' Choice Recommended Award Winner

"The catchy tunes of the Teacher and the Rockbots CDs feature rock n' roll that helps teach kids about America, science and multiplication - favorite topics, we're sure!"

"So catchy are the songs that kids will forget they're learning."

"The lyrics are sassy and the music nods at the drama of punk rock and new wave." - full review

"Shouts and applause. A direct hit!"

"While listening to the song, students played a game of sorts with a worksheet about the music."

"It's just a fun way of learning detailed information."

"We try to write songs that would sound like they could be on the radio," he said. "We have a typical pop song disguised for education."

Once again, the Rockbots deliver some of the best kids rock around. Making multiplication musical, the Rockbots follow-up album, Multiplication, is just as parent-friendly and just as kid-pleasing as their first big hit. See why parents are putting aside the slidewhistle and kazoo-ridden albums that fry the nerves and are trading them in for good old hearty rock, dynamically packaged by this award-destined group. - CD Baby, Jan. 2005

What kids are saying...

"You guys rock!" "It rocks and has a learning experience."
"It's like rock-n-roll music, but with learning." "I liked the part when you flushed the toilet."
"It was learning in a fun way." "You guys should write more cool songs."
"It was weird, not bad weird though." "You're songs were very intelligent."
"It was informative. It was great!" "I like the beat."
"Cool, funny, I liked it." "You guy's did a great job."
"Good, sweet, awesome." "I thought it was rockin'."
"It was very, very fun." "I thought the song rocked! It was awesome!"

What parents and teachers are saying...

"Just wanted to share how great your CD's are. This is the second year that I have used the Science CD- my 5th graders LOVE IT. I just bought the other 3 CDs for the classroom and my students are SO excited... " - Jen

"I wanted to let you know that my kids love your CD. We have three children, ages 9,7 and 3. My oldest has confiscated the CD and has it in her room." - Mary

"Just wanted to let you know how much we're enjoying the two CDs we ordered for my son. He opened them a couple of weeks ago and has been "rockin'" out ever since. His teacher lets kids bring CDs to the classroom and I'm happy to report that the kids love listening to SCIENCE." - Kirsten

"Incredibly un-cheesy music, more like what I loved as a kid. I personally can't stand a lot of kids music but this stuff is awesome!" - Amber

"I ordered the Science CD for my Pre-school/Young 5 class because we are studying animal classes. I love the whole CD!! My own children (7&9) loved it too!!" - Becky

"Your America CD is AMAZING! I strongly believe that music should be used all day in the classroom and am always searching for new CD's. Too often the ones I find are too cheesy for fifth graders, so I TRULY appreciate your work, and so do my students." - Kate

"My third grade students love your multiplication CD. They love to "rock out", play their air guitars, and wiggle around (while sitting in their seats, of course) as we're learning the times tables. I can't think of a better way for them to memorize their multiplication facts." - Leslie

"I absolutely love your CD's. My students have definitely benefited from your talents to put learning to music. Thank you for your contribution to education." - Christine

"Now, before you wrinkle your nose and say, "Songs about science? Booorrrring!", put this disc in your player and crank it up. And no, the "Rockbots" don't play Casio keyboards and Roland drum machines. Chris and Bryan have put forth the effort to rock on real instruments, and to insure that each song will lyrically hold the interest of a classroom full of nine-year-olds." - Warren T

"CD is a lot of fun. The kids like the electronic sound. Some of the songs are very catchy! Great job, make another science cd." - Tracy

"There are 4 songs that fit right into my science curriculum for fifth grade. These songs will be handy due to their catchy tunes/melodies that will hook and hold my students' attention." - Matthew

"I am using this CD for summer science lessons for my grandchildren. It's a great way to learn when combined with the worksheets available from the Teacher and the Rockbots website. Fun and educational." - Judy

"The idea behind the CD is great. The kids think it's wonderful and my youngest don't even realize everything they're learning. I bought an extra copy to pass on to a teacher at my kids' school. Thanks!" - Laura

"My nephews love the CD and I am going to purchase many more to spread this wonderful learning tool Rockbots Rock!!!!! Keep up this great work children really get excited about this way of learning." - Cordelia

"The Power Arts duo has teamed up to release a spectacular, modern, educationally-targeted CD. Kids will love the aggressive musical style and will latch onto the witty (and always informative!) lyrics. I wish I had this CD when I was growing up!" - Kyle

"Yes, my 6 year old and 3 year old enjoy listening to to their Rockbot cd. They love the beat of many of the songs and Mom loves that they remember some of the information in the songs. great job!" - Michelle

"I think the game aspect of your songs is a terrific idea. Singing and giving the kids time to fill in the answers." - Lynda

"I really love how your songs are so educational, while being so much fun! You guys really are on to something." - Ruth