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Rock Band Academy started in 2009 by Chris Bihuniak at his home in Prairie Village, Kansas. He provided young musicians in the Kansas City metro area the chance to play in a band and make music videos. At concerts, bands played 7-8 songs and got paid! Private lessons on guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, vocals, songwriting and recording were also available.

Musicians at Rock Band Academy have gone on to study at Berklee School of Music, USC Thorton School of Music, Belmont School of Music and the Grammy Revolution Project. Others have released songs with thousand and thousands of streams!

After taking a sabbatical to live in Spain between 2013-2016, Rock Band Academy re-opened with several new bands and an enhanced recording studio. Several albums and singles were produced resulting in recognition from the International Songwriting Competition, Unsigned Only, Hollywood Songwriting Competition and Radio Airplay.

During the pandemic of 2020-2021, Chris received generous funding and created FREE educational and entertaining music videos for the Rock Band Academy YouTube and TikTok channels.

As of 2022, the studio in Prairie Village closed for business. Chris continues to write, record and perform at his new home studio in Kansas City, Missouri. Rock on!

Owner/Teacher - Chris Bihuniak


• Award-winning children's music producer.
• 16+ albums.
• 160+ songs on iTunes, Spotify, etc.
• $200,000+ in music sales.
• Singer, songwriter, musician.
• 40+ years experience.
• Started coaching bands in 2009.
• Studied music theory in college.


"My son described the class in the following way... 'It was the best time of my life!' - Kyla

"You are near divine status in our house!" - Jill

"You truly inspire her and I thank you for time and talent." - Jodi

"A wonderful Teacher and Mentor to many young people!" - Judy

"I have to say that Rock Band Academy with you is the highlight of my sons life." - Payal

"What an amazing difference you make in our kids' lives!" - Mindy

"You are such an awesome teacher, coach and mentor. Couldn't be happier with Rock Band Academy." - Lori

"Thanks for everything you do, Chris. Our son is lucky to have your support and direction." - Jim

"Thank you so much for all your guidance and care Chris. So blessed to have you in the boys lives." - Hannah

"My daughters confidence has grown so much since working with you and we are so grateful." - Sandy

"I like it that you are honest with the band.  I think your knowledge and experience commands their attention." - Chris

"You put on an incredible show. Seeing my boys on the stage was by far the highlight of my life." - Shaul

"My daughter said, "Dad I had so much fun tonight... I just love music." - Paul

"We think you are pretty much a "god" around here with how you got [the band] pulled together." - Pattie

"Your enthusiasm, love for music and excitement are contagious! You get the award for having the most patience." - Ashley

"I had really fun a rehearsal today! Rock Band Academy is one of the best things that has ever happened to me!" - Amy

"My daughter has no idea how lucky she is to have Rock Band Academy in her life!  YOU are over the top talented!" - Shea

"My daughter is having more fun each and every time. Thanks for all you do. What a privilege they all have thanks to your wonderful academy!!" - Sheila

"Some kids are into sports. You have provided an outlet for those into rock, that will stay with them all their lives!" - Tom

"Your planning and dedication is admirable. Thanks for your work with my son. RBA has been a big part of his life." - Joe

"Thanks for the tremendous effort you put in to provide this quality program, you have a lot to smile about!" - Patti

"Thank you Chris! What you do with the boys is just great." - Josh

"Such amazing talent, and it keeps getting better!  The kids' progress is a sign of a great teacher. " - Rachel

"I just wanted to let you know that i had and awesome time and am so looking forward to next year. I think our band has awesome talent...all of that in 6 practices!" - Lane

"Thank You Chris for being such an awesome roll model to our kids and for all of your hard work and dedication!." - Mindy

"Wow!  The kids really respond to you and your direction.  I'm glad to see my son part of the RBA experience." - Bryan

"You really help them hone their skills and give them an outlet to perform.  You are performing an awesome service for all of them." - Pattie

"It is such a wonderful outlet for the kids and you could tell they all had a BLAST!" - Judy

"My son overcame an intense case of stage fright and I'm so pleased he could enjoy this unique experience." - Amy

"Loved the concert! It took me back to college days at frat parties and dive bars listening to one of the local cover bands." - Jane

"I was blown away by the show last night, that's the best I've ever seen them perform.  Thanks for everything that you've done with them." - Peter

"Thanks again for all you do!!!! Rock Band is their absolute favorite thing to do!" - Mindy

"I just wanted to say again how grateful I am to have a person like you coaching me and the opportunities you find for me." - Brooks

"The kids are learning so much more than their instruments - they are learning self-confidence, team work and dedication." - Molly

"Thank you so much for all that you do to insprire our children!" - Shea

"We are loving what the girls are doing and are super lucky to have found you for them to have this amazing opportunity. Thank you." - Sheila

"I was shocked to see my son playing as well as he did.  I had no idea he was able to play like that." - Susie

"I think you have an amazing ability to teach young musicians! The entire show was exciting, enjoyable, and I was so impressed with the diversity of the music." - Michelle

"My son could not be more thrilled with this program and would go any and all days to be able to play with the band and be taught by you!" - Patti

"Thanks again for all your work and dedication to the kids and their music." - Shelle

"I am really excited with how the boys have improved since bringing Chris on board!" - Kimla

"You're doing a wonderful thing for those kids." - Lara

"You have so much enthusiasm and talent and it's wonderful that the kids are able to work with a professional, learn skills, and have fun at the same time." - Kathy

"My son LOVED the concert last night!!! Thanks so much for all you do with the boys!" - Joanie

"The kids had a blast yesterday and learned a ton of course!" - Erica

"It was great!!!! Thanks for doing a great job with them." - Michelle

"We were completely blown away. The performances were way beyond our expectations. I can't thank you enough for your time, energy, enthusiasm, expertise, & hard work." - Molly

"I think the show was magnificent. I can't imagine having such a cool venue to perform in when I was that age. What a dream." - Tammy"

"What a great concert! It was absolutely wonderful, all the bands!" - Jill

"The entire production was amazing -what a talented group of people! We are blessed to be a part of it." - Ashley

"The show was great and the kids sure had fun.  You have developed some real talent." - Jamie

"I thought you and all the performers did an outstanding job, and kudos to your whole family for helping support your career." - Suzanne

"Thanks for helping with the guitar strap just in the nick of time!! Was a good time-- thanks." - Amy

"The boys had so much fun and were really pumped afterwards. I know it was a lot of work on your part." - Anna

"Thank you for everything you and your family did to put on an amazing show. We had so much fun!!!" - Mindy

"Thanks for letting us play in the concert! We had a really great time." - Cory

"She practices all the time and is very proud of what she is doing. I am glad that we found out about you." - Jen

"Thanks, Chris. I think it's awesome! I can't wait for the boys to see it. Very impressive." - Katrina

"Thanks for all you do. We loved the concert on Sunday and enjoyed listening to the other bands." - Barb

"Thank you so much for the sweat and passion you put into your work with our kids." - Jane

"You are making such a positive impact on so many kids' lives!" - Mindy

"The show today was fun; no doubt about it.  You have some talent in your stable." - Todd

"You guys totally Rock!  We are so glad you joined in the Dragon Dash at the last minute. Everybody loved you!" - Lauren

"want to thank you as a parent for the cool stuff you are doing. You have coached and mentored some great kids, but you have touched my family with your work" - Joe

"Thanks so much for putting that together for the boys. I think it was a great experience and they had a lot of fun." - Jackie

"This was just an awesome experience, Chris. Seriously, my son is very lucky to have this opportunity." - Suzanne

"Thank you so much for your work on the Variety Show! I thought it went great and the sound was better than it has ever been!" - Jennifer

"Chris, the boys are having a great time working with you. Thanks for what you do." - Laura

"Can't tell you how much he has enjoyed it and how impressed I was by what they were able to do!" - Ann

"It is so great for local kids to have these musical opportunities with you!" - Shelle

"thank you so much for having the extra tom today I think it really helped in my druming." - Lane

"Chris for all you do for our kids! Your hard work and dedication never goes unnoticed! - Mindy

"There was some really good talent there yesterday.  And you worked so very hard - it was evident. - Nan

"Thanks for the most amazing concert. What a wonderful group of kids and families. You are such a gift to all of us!" - Erica

"Thanks for [the concert] yesterday. We all LOVED it." - Toma

"Thank you for all your work, it's been a great experience for Nathan, you do a great job." - Stacy

"That my son sang a solo and played the guiar, no less, is a stretch, and I'm glad you challenge them to get out of their comfort zones." - Judy

"Can't thank you enough for all you hard work yesterday. You did an amazing job." - Penny

"Thanks again for everything!  We can't say enough good things about RBA.  The boys are looking forward to another fun session." - Kyla

"It was really fun to see the boys on stage and do so well with their songs. It is amazing how much they improved in just 6 weeks!" - Kristen

"Great venue, great to hear other bands perform - you provide a really unique niche and you do it well." - Stacey

"My son is loving it. We knew he enjoyed piano, but it turns out that rocking the world is even more enjoyable." - Jamie

"Thanks for being such a great role model." - Chris

"Thanks for a great concert!" - Justin

"Congrats Chris on another successful concert! It's always fun to watch the bands and see how much they have grown." - Barb

"Our daughter's involvement with you and her band mates in RBA has been a wonderful progression for her." - Jeff

"RBA has become the highlight of his week and he literally waits for Friday so that he can come and play music with you." - Payal

"You are obviously amazing at what you do, my daughter cannot say enough good things." - Christie

"I have to say I was in awe of how fast the girls are learning. You are amazing and my daughter is loving it and is excited to form a band." - Christy

"I want you to know that the RBA experience have taught my daughter so much about her own ability to learn and succeed, it has truly been priceless and she has enjoyed every minute of it!" - Sanne

"Thank you again for everything you have done with the band to encourage their love of music." - Kaymie

"Thank you so much for every thing, the concert was so much fun!" - Olivia

"It was so cool and it was great you were there to help out on a Friday night. Also I think the autograph idea was VERY cool. Thanks for keeping us organized the last 5 weeks." - Nick

"You are the best. We couldn't have done it without you!" - Brooks

"Chris, thank you so much for not only coming to the show but the technical help as well. It was a nice surprise to have you there." - Jack

"My daugter is very excited about Sunday and the Variety Show at Corinth. Thanks for getting them started in this adventure, they are looking forward to working with you more this summer!" - Christy

"Good show yesterday. Thanks of all your hard work to make that happen." - Velinda

"They traveled an incredible stretch in a very short time under your direction." - Kraig

"I just sat and thought about how I couldn't believe they sounded that good. - Christina

"When I think back to the first concert and fast forward, the improvement is so great; they have all added instruments and skill, but also a ton of confidence and joy! - Sanne

"I just wanted to say what an amazing job you did of bringing out the best in each child. I think all of them felt comfortable, proud and talented." - Emily

"She is usually very shy so it is such a treat to see her getting out of her comfort zone. I can tell she trusts you and you are really great at what you do." - Sandy

"She really like you and the lesson and is super excited for the next one." - Casey

"I wanted to thank you for a fantastic camp! My sons are still talking about it." - Whitney

"You're doing a spectacular job with the boys. Thank you for making it so fun, instructive, and worthwhile for them." - Penny

"We really appreciate what you were able to accomplish with the boys." - Caroline

"I think it is such a cool experience for them and a great creative process for them to see how to make a band come together and put on a show." - Christy

"Thank you for all you do Chris! It was so much fun!" - Sandy

"Wow, that was just really wonderful. Thank you for that experience." - Randi

"Chris you produced a Christmas miracle this morning! To think a month ago they didn't even know how to do one of those songs!" - Christy

"Thank you Chris. We all rely on you for your expertise and general awesomeness." - Penny

"I appreciate all that you are teaching them and the patience!!!" - Amy

"Thanks for all your hard work! The concert was a blast and I thought all of the bands were fantastic!" - Kristy

"Thanks for being such a positive and motivating force for [our son]." - Michelle

"My son thinks that his band members are amazing and he said he loves how you structure it." - Jim

"We are so grateful for everything you do Chris and feel blessed to be part of RBA!" - Sandy

"It has been so cool to watch them grow and feel comfortable playing different instruments and being up on stage in front of crowds. Rock Band Academy is one of my daughter's favorite things in life!" - Christy

"I don't know how to thank you for working with my son, he's already learnt so much in such a short time." - Louise.

"An amazing night for the children and parents. We have been so incredibly fortunate to have you work with our kids." - Kristin

"He has NEVER warmed up to someone so fast. Thanks for being such a positive influence!" - Emily

"I cannot believe how much the boys have improved. You have really challenged and pushed them." - Michelle

"I was SO impressed and SO proud of the boys yesterday. Thank you for pushing them and inspiring them." - Kelli

"Chris, you are great with them and watching them giggle yesterday and just thoroughly enjoy what they are doing makes it all worth it." - Joanna

"[My son] absolutely loves taking lessons music with you! I can see why he is so excited as your enthusiasm for teaching and music is so apparent!" - Angie

"RBA is definitely the favorite part of Max's week." - Michelle

"Thank you for an awesome night of awesome music from awesome musicians! I loved it." - Lynnette

"You're so important to [my son] and I cannot thank you enough." - Kelli

"[Our son] enjoys it more than I can express - he just glows when he comes home. - Lara

"Qué chulo Chris!!! Me gusta, muchas gracias." - Beatriz

"Well mate, not to piss in your pocket or anything, but i reckon you’re doing a fabbo job and G is really enjoying it, so keep it up." - Rog

"Fantastic! Love it! Thank you Chris for your great inspiration." - Sandra

"We just watched the video and it is awesome! Very well done and it will be a fantastic way for us to share our experience with family and friends and to remember our time here for years to come." - Bill

"You did a great job choreographing/setting the images/video clips to the music. It was a fun project for us as a family too, and I think the boys got a lot out of it. " - Lynn

"Thank you Chris - you're simply amazing and a complete blessing to us!" - Kelli

"[My husband] is amazed at how you get the "best" out of everyone. You really have a gift. I totally enjoyed every band last night." - Michelle

"Chris, first let me say how much Ann and I appreciate your hard work in putting the event together today. It's always a good experience no matter what the venue." - Josh

"Maeve had fun today and so looks forward to this every week." - Michelle

"This has really sparked new interest in music for [my daughter] and for that I am grateful!" - Amy

"I love seeing all of the talent that you have helped produce." - Kimberly

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