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Enough is Enough

"Enough is Enough" is a protest song about gun violence in the USA. The lyrics were written after attending a March for our Lives rally in Kansas City in 2018.

There are 3 versions of the song. They all have the same lyrics and chord progressions, but use different singers and arrangements.

As a moral obligation, Rock Band Academy does not profit from these songs. Just listen, share and VOTE!


"Enough is Enough" was recorded in March 2018 at Rock Band Academy studio in Prairie Village, Kansas. Lyrics, music and production by Chris Bihuniak. Vocals by Fritz Sullivan, Grace Piper Fields and Christian Alldredge. Click photo to hear other songs on Soundcloud.

fritz  grace  christian

"Enough is Enough" © 2018 Chris Bihuniak. All rights reserved.

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The movement has begun
The youth will follow through
The law is obsolete
A change is overdue

Why so many weapons?
Can we turn them in?
Give strength with love
A peace revolt can win

Enough is enough
Never again
March for our lives
It’s time to amend

If you want more guns
Let there be no doubt
At election time
We will vote you out

Reduce their control
Stop all their greed
Protect the innocent
The cause will succeed

Enough is enough
Never again
March for our lives
It’s time to amend

militia Protest Songs

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Positive comments about "Enough is Enough"

"Wow!!! So good! Anthem for a generation!"

"cool idea, I dig it"

"Excellent!.. Nice job Rock Band Academy peoples! Keep doin' what you're doin'."

"They sound fantastic! Great music for a great cause."

"Each song left me wanting more (in a very good way)."

"Great idea! I hope this gets some momentum."

"good message, good song."

"fritz: definitely caught my ear right off the bat. almost a prince vibe. grace: the harmonies in the chorus are really nice and well done."

"grace: this arrangement is SICK. 90s dance vibe. christian: his vocal sounds amazing."

"Grace's is the best because you could very clearly hear and understand that the lyrics were the most important part of the song."

"I totally like Christian's version the best."

"Fritz is my favorite. I think his take on the verses are really great and the guitar parts stand out."

Negative reaction to a sponsored Facebook post about "Enough is Enough."

NOTE: It is uncertain if these people listened to the song or just reacting to the graphic.

"Guns are not the problem the stupid kids that eat tide pods are the problem"

"So if guns kill people, i guess spoons make us fat"

"Who made you boss of everybody and their mama"

"Guns are not the freaking problem. Bad people are"

"Just cause mentally ill mother ___ckers kill people doesn’t mean it’s the guns fault, send that ___cker to a mental hospital and get him help. Problem solved!"

"Nobody cares about those stupid protestors anyway they are blind America wake up and stop those stupid protestors that are against gun rights they can move away in a dumb communist country so they have no rights and freedoms"

"If you take away the right to bare arms we the Americans will fight for our freedom!"

"Just want to say that I'm very young and completely understand that gun laws will never stop criminals, everybody says " oh well we need strict gun laws" are idiots with absolute no common knowledge. Criminals don't care about laws."

"Go to another country then cause here we have something called the constitution"

militia The US Bill of Rights (Written in 1791)

"Amendment II: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

guns Guns in the US

CNN: How US gun culture compares with the world in five charts

CBS: How U.S. gun deaths compare to other countries

PBS: How do U.S. gun laws compare to other countries?

US News: U.S. Is Global Leader in Gun Violence and Ownership

Mass Shooting in the US Since 2012 (

2012 — Aurora, CO
A man shot and killed 12 people in a movie theater using several weapons, including a semiautomatic rifle.

2012 — Oak Creek, WI
A man killed 4 people with a semiautomatic weapon inside a church before turning the gun on himself.

2012 — Newtown, CT
A man shot and killed his mother and 26 people inside Sandy Hook Elementary School before turning the gun on himself.

2013 — Herkimer, NY
A man killed 4 people at a carwash and barber shop with a shotgun before he was shot and killed by police.

2013 — Washington, D.C.
A man shot and killed 12 people inside the Washington Navy Yard with a 12-gauge shotgun before he was shot and killed by police.

2013 — Santa Monica, CA
A man opened fire in a home and later on a college campus, killing 5 people with a semiautomatic rifle. He was killed during a shootout with police.

2013 — Hialeah, FL
A man shot and killed 6 people with a semiautomatic weapon in his apartment complex before setting fire to his own apartment. He was shot and killed by a SWAT team.

2014 — Bell, FL
A man shot and killed his granddaughter and 6 grandchildren before turning the gun on himself.

2015 — Waco, TX
Rival motorcycle gangs kill 9 at a restaurant. There were over 170 arrests made after the incident.

2015 — Charleston, SC
A man walks into a historic black church and kills 9 people.

2015 — Roseburg, OR
A man opens fire and kills 9 people at a community college, wounding 7 others before police shot him to death.

2015 — Colorado Springs, CO
A man storms in a health clinic and kills 3 people and wounding nine.

2015 — San Bernardino, CA
A man and a woman walk into a holiday party armed with assault weapons and killed 14 people and wound 17 others.

2016 — Orlando, FL
A man killed 49 people and injured 53 at a nightclub.

2017 — Las Vegas, NV
A man opened fire from the 32nd floor of a hotel during a music concert, killing more than 50 people and injuring about 200 others.

2017 — Sutherland Springs, TX
A man entered a church and killed at least 26 people and wounding at least 20.

2018 — Parkland, FL
A former student at a high school walked into the school and killed 17 students.

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