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Rock Band Academy is the place for young musicians to start a band, write songs and rock the world!

Click the play button to the right and listen to 10 short songs recorded by Rock Band Academy producer, Chris Bihuniak.

help save rock

system skeleton System
You gotta get out of the system.
You got to get yourself out.
System watches you,
Everything you do.
crisis skeleton Crisis
You got me in a little crisis,
You make me feel like I don’t exist.
Now I’m throwing up my fist,
You got me in a little crisis.
skeleton singer Last Time
Last time.
What is a name to call,
For a different type of girl.

Can I be your one thing?
To look at you and never speak,
Is so good for me tonight.

Last time, I’m letting you go,
Last time, I need some rock-n-roll.
skeleton punk Incinerate
Politics, you’re voting for Trump.
Education, you’re voting for God.
Abortion, you’re voting no.
Military, you’re voting spend more.
Don’t tolerate,
This awful state.
Their evil hate.
drone attack Bury
Run for your life while you still can,
The drones are killing every single man.
You’ll bury your family in your own land,
Run for your life, while you still can.
skeleton rocker Monday Mayhem
No one likes Monday,
The worst day of the week.
Monday mayhem.
earthquake babe Earthquake
Earthquake, when she shakes.
She’s a little tease,
In her tight black jeans.
All those curves,
Makes my momma think it’s just obscene.
skeleton couple Loving You
I can’t concentrate,
Another minute I can’t wait.
The only thing I wanna do,
Start making love to you.
Loving you, like I do, only you.
skeleton wizard Plagues and War
The mysteries of life cannot be solved.
Will oblige us all with mystery.
Plagues and war,
For ever more.
skeleton elevator Elevator to Dreams
Do I really have a soul?
As I travel down this rock-n-roll road.
Are my dreams getting clearer?
When I look into the mirror.
Elevator to dreams.
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